About Us


John Imparato first arrived in Brooklyn at the tender age of 11 from Sicily. His parents quickly enrolled him in school and made him and his siblings learn the English language. They also put him to work at the family bakery so they can keep a close eye on him.

Breaking into the family business wasn’t easy as they only allowed him to sweep floors and clean up after the bakers. John was persistent and harassed the bakers to teach him how to decorate cakes until they finally gave in… and that is where his story begins.

John met Donna and it was love at first sight. They have been married for forty-one years. In 2003 together with their two sons, they moved the family from Brooklyn to New Jersey. Since then, Donna & John have worked tirelessly to expand the family business.

Now under new management, The New Venice Bakery is family owned and operated. This bakery which has been a hidden jewel in the Garfield community for many years. Stop in for some hot bread or a treat you can indulge in including, brownies, cannoli’s, cookies, cupcakes to name a few. We carry many specialty cakes and also make custom order cakes.